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Hamsa Pendant - "Shema Yisrael"

PN10218 Silver Hamsa design with the caption "Hear O...
$106 $95

Hamsa Pendant with Turquoise Stone

PN10219 Filigree style Hamsa silver pendant with the inscription...
$93 $83

Holy Letters Pendant

PN10147 Silver pendant with "holy letters" combined with gold...
$172 $154

Jerusalem Cross Pendant

PDN13018 Silver pendant Jerusalem Cross
$176 $158

Priestly Blessing Roll Pendant

PN10038 Silver pendant combined with gold with the priestly...
$126 $113

Silver Pendant Studded with Onyx Stone

PN10010 Silver pendant with the inscription "Because his angels...
$93 $83

Silver Pendant studded with onyx stone with the Priestly Blessing

PM10373 Silver pendant. The caption engraved: "The God bless...
$93 $83

Star Of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem 14k Gold with Diamonds.  Total Diamond...
$4,200 $1,800

Star Of Bethlehem Diamonds Pendant

$4,100 $1,700

Star Of Bethlehem Diamonds Pendant

$9,800 $4,300

The 12 Angels Pendant

PN The 12 Angels Silver Pendant with a Star...
$214 $192

The god-dwelling pendant

PN10204 Silver pendant with gold Star of David in...
$140 $126

The Six Combinations Pendant

PN-10039 The Six Combinations Pendant Silver pendant designed by a...
$93 $83

Silver Star of David Circular Disc Pendant with Onyx Stone

925 Sterling Silver pendant with the caption "Because...
$172 $154

Silver Blessing Pendant with "Shema Israel" In Gold

PN10648 Silver blessing pendant with "Shema Israel" in gold
$186 $167

Star Beth Lehem Pendant with Zircon stones

Sterling Silver and Gold plated Star Beth Lehem...
$70 $63

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