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Silver Breastplate Stones Ring


Silver ring with 12 stones of the breastplate

$255 $229

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Inlaid Stones
Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Garnet, Sapphire, Diamond, Citrine, Agate, Amethyst, Aqua Marine, Onyx, Jasper.
About the Breastplate Stones
The Hoshen Mishpat was the breastplate worn by the Jewish High Priest in the days of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple. There were 12 precious stones on the Hoshen, as mentioned in Book of Exodus (28:15-30), representing the twelve tribes of Israel: 1. Ruby. The Reuben tribe. Aries: Good for fertility and easy birth. 2. Topaz. The tribe of Shimon. Taurus: Increases leadership and self-control, protecting against dangers and accidents. 3. Emerald. Levi tribe. Gemini: Strengthens memory, soothes tensions and anger, helps solve problems. 4. Garnet, The tribe of Judah. Cancer: Motivation, courage and vigor. Disables fears, shyness and mood swings. Attracting success and abundance. 5. Sapphire. The tribe of Issachar. Leo: Develops wisdom, considered the stone of truth. 6. . Diamond. The Zebulun tribe. Virgo: Relieves stress, strengthens self-confidence and protects against negative energies. 7. Citrine. The tribe of Dan. Scorpio: The bounty stone, attracts success and money, speeds up decision-making and strengthens intimate relationships. 8. Agate. Naftali tribe. Sagittarius: Gives strength and vigor, strengthens self-confidence. 9. Amethyst. Gad tribe. Capricorn: Helps find inner peace, helps overcome grief and fears and protects against illness. 10. Aqua Marine. Asher tribe. Aquarius: is considered a relaxing stone, good for communication, strengthens the relationship and understanding between the couple. 11. Onyx. The tribe of Joseph. Pisces: Increases self-control, neutralizes fears and negatives, relieves stress and depression. 12. Jasper. The tribe of Benjamin. Libra: Encourages perseverance and continuity, gives strength and endurance.

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