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Silver Pomegranate Ring With Gold


The 925 sterling silver pomegranate ring combined with 9K gold inlaid with ruby and emerald stones

$206 $185

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May our rights be multiplied as a pomegranate
The pomegranate symbolizes abundance, beauty and blessing and wisdom.

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R-460R-2102BE-GSL 925 sterling silver ring. The design features a...
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Wide Silver Ring - "Please power"

MH60111 Wide 925 silver ring studded with the cat's...
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Breastplate Stones Ring

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Breastplate Stones Ring

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Silver Ring lace design I am my beloved's

MH60256 Silver Ring lace design  "I am my beloved's...
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Silver Lace Ring

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Rectangle Ring

MH60334 925 Sterling Silver Rectangle Ring with onyx stone...
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Silver Breastplate Stones Ring

MH60385 Silver ring with 12 stones of the breastplate
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Star of David Ring

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Please Ring

MH60437 Silver ring with a gold hamsa with the...
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Priestly Blessing Ring

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Combination Ring The stones Of The Breastplate

MH60405 Silver ring with gold combined with the six...
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Breastplate Stones Ring

MH60403 Breastplate Stones Ring
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Because His Angels Ring

MH60323 A 925 sterling silver ring with the inscription...
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Ring With Creator's Names

MH60315 A wide 925 silver ring combined with 72...
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Shema Israel Ring

MH60271 925 sterling silver ring with the caption "Hear...
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Please Power Ring

MH60281 925 sterling silver ring with 9K gold with...
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The Holy Inspiration Ring

MH60359 925 silver ring combined 9K gold heart with...
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The Royal Ring

MH60357 925 silver ring crown design inlaid gemstone with...
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The God dwelling Ring

MH60181 925 Sterling Silver Spiral Ring with "Gods Shekel"...
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Hamsa Cat Eye Lace Ring

MH60461 Silver Hamsa lace ring set with cat's eye...
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Silver Circular Seal Ring

MH60270 Silver seal ring inlaid with a flat onyx...
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Silver Seal Ring

MH60146 Silver Seal Ring 925 sterling silver ring adorned with...
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Complete Seal Ring

MH60263 Complete Seal Ring 925 sterling silver ring adorned with...
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Gold Plated Shema Israel Ring

MH60282 Silver Ring, combined with a gold plaque with...
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Breastplate Stones Ring

MH60201 The "Hoshen Stones" Ring 925 sterling silver with...
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Breastplate Stones Ring Tribes of Israel

MH60404 Silver ring combined with gold names with the...
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The Breaststones Ring -Three Rows

MH60369 A wide 925 sterling silver ring studded with...
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Shema Israel Ring

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Pomegranate Ring

MH60322 The 925 sterling silver pomegranate ring with 9K...
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Priestly Blessing Ring - Breastplate Stones

MH60407 Gold ring with gold inscription with the blessing...
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Men Single Stone Ring

MH60398 Silver ring with a gold shield on the...
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Breastplate Stones Ring

MH60283 The "Hoshen Stones" Ring 925 sterling silver with...
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Pomagranate Ring

Silver 925 ring with gold pomegranate design, Ruby...
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Men Collage Ring

MH60333 925 sterling silver ring with David shields on...
$87 $78